Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Youth Rick Behavior Survey

Good Morning All,

Please read the note below that I sent to parents last night.  You will read that the date has yet to be determined.  I sent out a rescheduled date to you all of April 6th, however, any change in the survey date had to be approved by the state people.  I jumped the gun. Sorry.  I will get back to you once we have confirmed a new date.



Good Afternoon,

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) has been used on a biennial basis since 1990 to measure health risk behaviors of high school students nationwide. The YRBS measures behaviors related to intentional and unintentional injury, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use, sexual activity, diet, and physical activity.  We have administered this survey previously and utilize results from the survey to guide our health curriculum as well as educational programing. 

In order to give parents enough time to thoughtfully preview the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, we are postponing the March 30, survey administration for at least a week.   I will inform you of the new date once it has been approved. I have included the link to the survey here for your review.  The links below are PDF's to Frequently Asked Questions about the survey as well as a PDF "Opt Out form.  If you have already sent in an “Opt Out form or request” you do not need to resend another. For parents choosing to Opt Out their children from taking the survey, please complete the form below and send to Jessica Bennett at or

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