Thursday, October 20, 2016

Parents of Student/Athletes

Dear Parents of our Student/Athletes,

I am writing to provide clarity around the decision regarding athlete attendance, a procedure that has been in place since the school has opened.  The attendance procedure stipulates that a student/athlete must be in school in order to participate in athletic practices or games after school.  There are allowances for doctor, dentist, and other important family matters provided the athletic department is notified.  

Today, I received information that there was some confusion over the enforcement of that procedure due to the graffitti on the bathroom wall.  Some teams were told because of “extenuating” circumstances and if “excused absent,” that the absent student would be allowed to participate.  Because some teams were told this, and because we certainly do not want to penalize the students who were told they could be out of school but could play, we are permitting participation today.

However, going forward please understand that if the police department, the superintendent, and school administration (all who have your child’s safety as our top priority) feel it is safe to have a regular school day, the attendance procedure requiring student/athletes to be here to participate will be enforced.  Also keep in mind, that we fully respect parent, student uneasiness about these situations and your decision to keep your child home. However, we would expect that concern not be applied exclusively between the hours of 7:55 am and 2:35 pm and should extend to any co-curricular activities that occur before or after school hours.  

I realize these are challenging times and these type of situations can create a great deal of anxiety.  I also realize, despite best efforts and regardless of the experience decision makers have regarding the handling of these issues, it is impossible to be 100% sure of anything in this at times unsettling world.  


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