Thursday, May 19, 2016


Good Morning

In the last few days, several parents have shared a concern with me about graffiti in a bathroom at BHS.  Details are below, and to get to the point, we have investigated along with Bedford PD and see no credible threat.  I want to thank those parents that have shared concerns over the rumors of a threat at the high school.  Communicating these types of concerns are what help us to keep everyone safe.  We were alerted to this graffiti on May 9th,   I immediately called Officer Donahue (SRO) to assist in evaluating the graffiti.  The Police and school protocol was used to determine if a threat existed.  It was determined not to be a threat and Officer Donahue did report the graffiti and along with a picture to the PD. Subsequently, a picture was drawn on the bathroom wall in the same bathroom.  Once again, Officer Donahue and the Bedford police reviewed the graffiti and determined it not to be a threat.

We take the safety of our students and staff as our highest priority and are as confident (as one can be in this day and age) that the statements do not rise to a level where we would consider taking action at the school.  
Again, I thank you for your vigilance.


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