Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day Schedule

1st Day Schedule
August 27h 2015
7:50   Warning Bell
7:55-8:25      All students report to Advisory
8:30-8:55      R1
9:00-9:25      R2
9:30-9:55      R3
10:00-10:25   R4
10:30-10:55   S1
11:00-1:00   Lunches  (Staff please remain with your students during the lunch and
picture time blocks.  Take your lunch when the students are in the Theater
with administration)
     Seniors            Lunch
     Juniors            Theater
     Sophomores        Advisory
     Freshmen      Gym for Photos
     Seniors            Theater
     Juniors            Lunch
     Sophomores        Gym for Photos
     Freshmen        Advisory
     Seniors            Advisory
     Juniors            Gym for Photos
     Sophomores      Lunch
     Freshmen      Theater
     Seniors            Gym for Photos
     Juniors            Advisory
     Sophomores       Theater
     Freshmen      Lunch

1:05-1:30      S2
1:35-2:00      S3
2:05-2:35      S4
Remind all students that tomorrow 8/28 will be a RED  Day

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